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Motherhood: Where Did Time Go?

Mother is one of the greatest titles I have ever had the pleasure of having. It hasn't been a walk in the park, but it is definitely worth every obstacle. I have learned so much about myself and I am so thankful for my own personal growth through this journey. I spent such a long time longing to be a mother after a miscarriage I had in 2012. I would beg God and cry alone after taking failed pregnancy tests. I spent at least 5 years trying. Now I know that God makes no mistakes and all things work together for my good. I have the son that I am supposed to have with the man I am destined for.

Tristan is such a bright little guy. I am so proud of Shaun and I, because we have so much love between us that it rubbed off onto our son. He is a happy and loving child. I find myself still trying to call him a baby, but if you didn't know….We now have us a one-year-old.

Happy First Birthday Tristan

I remember everyone saying that time flies so quickly. I heard them and even believed them, but it’s not until you are looking back over the lapsed time that you really understand. When I look at old photos and videos I get emotional and lost in the vast differences between then and now. It seems like such a distant memory. He’s less dependent and every day is a great joy. He babbles now instead of cooing. I love the little guy he is becoming! I love that one day I’ll be able to share all of this with him.

I have a plan to write him a letter every birthday and give them to him on his eighteenth. I’ve already written his one-year letter and the emotions I had while pouring out my heart was immense. I started before anyone was awake so that I could be with my thoughts. Of course, your girl is a procrastinator so I definitely did not finish in one sitting. He was awake and babbling as I finished, so I’m sure I rushed through the end. It was the wrong move for sure. Next year, I’m going to start and finish when I have some mommy time.

What’s Next?

I officially have a toddler guys!! And this toddler has decided to outdo himself by entering the ‘terrible two’ stage a year early. Although I only worked at the daycare for a month, I really should have seen this coming. I worked with 11 one-year-olds and I saw firsthand how out of hand they can be. One-year-olds are lawless. Nothing you say applies to them. They do what they want. They think they are the boss. And ‘no’ is a waste of breath. Tristan likes to hit. Only me though. He doesn’t hit his daddy, which is horse-pucky. I’m getting acclimated to toddler life. Things are so different. I packed his bag for us to go out and had to google what I should put in it, because we hadn’t been anywhere since he was a baby. He eats our food, uses a sippy cup, drinks whole milk and juice and things are not the same. We are just going to have to take it day by day.

Happy Mother’s Day

Due to the fact that I’m an outstanding procrastinator, I was able to include this holiday in this post. It’s been well over a week since I started this. With that being said, Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there. This is my second Mother’s Day and I am extremely blessed to be able to be called Tristan’s mom. And to everyone that has to spend this day without their mother, I pray that you have peace today and every other day. I am blessed to have 6 moms. My biological, my mother that raised me, my grandmother, my two mother-in-laws, and my my grandma-in-law. I am thankful for every one of these women.

This Is Me Trying Not To Be Abrupt

But reality is I have nothing else to say! I know, I know, but I’m not one for drawn out conclusions that make no sense. And considering the fact that I never even bothered to finish this post until almost a year later. No harm, no fowl right?

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